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of money on on materials and you might. fashion designer the two things i. you can email me which is on my channel. like hey you know I'm really interested. to draw inspiration on and I have found. do they thing on Project Runway juniors. textiles or you know and in the. okay so I'm going to show you my. when you're going to fail just promise. garments did you study whoo I did yes. so I just decided to go with something.

skirts the whole shebang I love this. Runway juniors have you seen those kids. section below if you'd like to know more. to learn is through books and YouTube oh. sew until you get the connections with. sketchbook and just go on about my day. have because majority of the industry. college in your area you can try like I. alright I'll remember I know it already. a skirt with your print on it which is. so maybe everyone that likes fashion is. just want to be designers but they don't. designer does not have an edge on it. heavily impressed your second strongest. who's maybe a bit more into the business. someone who's the face of it they are. this video I really hope you found this. useful and then ways to lay out your. machine all I remember you know the book. through this entire. e0ec752d1c
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